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After your payment has been processed and your application accepted by LifeLine Truckers Logistic Services Inc., you will be sent a membership card and a password to permit you, as a new or renewing member, access to the members only pages of LineLine Truckers website. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an e-mail assigning you a ’user name’ and ’password.’

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The point of sale, for sales tax purposes, for all LifeLine Truckers memberships is the province of Ontario. Members not resident in Ontario may be able to reclaim some of these taxes and should consult their accountants. In a like manner, for those members that are tax exempt they must pay the taxes during the application process and, if appropriate, apply for reimbursement later to the appropriate authorities.

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LifeLine Truckers offers its memberships to truckers and trucking companies who, or which, operate in Canada. Please indicate which province or provinces that you run in. Check any that apply:
LifeLine Truckers collects province of operation information for demographic and marketing purposes. It may also be used to target regional suppliers to serve our members where are.

DISCLOSURE: the purchase price of a LifeLine Truckers membership is the amount membership plus the applicable sales taxes. These are 13% H.S.T. (LifeLine’s Registration No. is 830145892); for this reason the check out price is $169.50. A member’s input tax credit for the G.S.T. will be $19.50. Members that are tax exempt must pay the taxes during the application process; however, thereafter they may have their accountants apply for reimbursement from the appropriate government bodies.

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